Program 02

Program 02

Your Journey at Camp:

- Set foot in our campsite
- Embark on a serene Felucca ride on the lake
- Explore Tunis Village (optional) and immerse yourself in its charm
- Visit fascinating pottery and porcelain workshops

- Nature's Beauty

- Venture to Wadi El Rayan Reserve

- Marvel at the captivating waterfalls

Friendly Competition

- Participate in exciting competitive games with your fellow travelers

Photographer's Paradise

- For those with a passion for photography, ascend Mount Medwara to capture the perfect shot

Campfire Delight:

- Return to camp for a lively campfire party

- Sip on charcoal tea and indulge in sweet marshmallows

Additional Options (Available at an Extra Cost, Depending on Availability):

- Horse and Camel Rides

- Beach Buggy Tours

- Pottery Making Experience: Craft and Keep Your Masterpiece as a Souvenir

- Visit the Caricature Museum by Renowned Artist Mohamed Ahia

- Relax by the Swimming Pool

- Group Supervisor Provided to Ensure a Memorable Experience

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